Sunday, November 20, 2011

Spiritual Nourishment (Real Freedom)

"There is only one thing that will set us free,
and that is the truth.
Yet that is the one thing we have a hard time dealing with."
J. Meyer

Here is some spiritual nourishment I received today that I thought I'd share. If I didn't know it was someone else who wrote it, I'd swear it was me. (Somebody done been readin' my mail!)

"It was difficult for me to face the fact that I was insecure, I didn't like myself, and I needed God's help and healing in my life. If I had refused to face the truth, I would still be in bondage. I would still be trying to please people, addicted to approval in order to keep a position that I probably would not even like. As it is, I am free. I know who I am in God apart from what I do. I want to please people, but I am not devastated if they are not pleased with me. As long as I know my heart is right, that is sufficient. If I am doing the best I can and people don't approve, what they think will have to be between them and God."

"I want approval, but I am not addicted to it. I enjoy it, but if I have to live without it, I can. I went through the pain of facing truth and change, and it brought me freedom. The only way out of bondage is to go through what we need to go through as we move toward freedom."

Prayer: "God, help me to face the truth about my life that I might be set free from any bondages that hold me back. Help me to change what needs to go".
J. Meyer

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Hannah said...

Beautiful quote and post. I am really interested in reading more of your posts. Stopping by from Sunday Citar.

Adrienne said...

Nope...writer was reading MY mail ;-) This is very well expressed and I'm so glad you shared it! The road to freedom is bumpier and filled with more obstacles than I would have ever imagined...but well worth the trek! I still have a boulder or two that can hinder me, but the path is clearer...I can tell the difference now between the obstacles and the end goal ~ so they're not nearly as overpowering as they used to be!