Sunday, October 5, 2014

Week 3 in Review

I'd like to start doing weekly reviews of our school, if nothing else but to have a scrapbook of our year that we can look back on.  However, I'm starting at Week 3, as I didn't take many pics from first two weeks, and have already posted the ones I did take on my Facebook page.  See the sidebar for an overview of our curriculum and the specific books we use, as well as our homeschooling philosophy.

In history, we learned about the Goths entering Rome.  Besides our regular books, which can be viewed from the sidebar, we also used these:

Research was on Constantinople.  

Michael's postcard from his visit:

(As you can see they both need penmanship practice!  A challenge, especially for George.  Not his strong suit.  Also, although not in any way the school's fault, while at the public school for almost 2 years, they didn't get a lot of  practice.  The cursive I had started teaching them fell by the wayside.  I totally understand this, as time was crunched there, and more time needed to be spent on keyboarding, which is much more needed in today's society.  We'll be re-introducing penmanship in Week 6 -- see sidebar for the free practice sheets we'll be using.  It'll be interesting seeing the progress.)  But at least George understands what he researches, as he gives lively narrations about it at the dinner table!

George's postcard:

Written Narration


Michael remembered more he wanted to tell:


On Emporor Theodosius



Weekly Timeline



A little mapwork


George's (Wow.  Bethlehem sure is big in George's little mind.):

I LOVE this program!  They composed these on their own!  Wonderful, wonderful curriculum that takes them step by step through the writing process.  Only a little a day adds up to this. 
The result is energetic, beautiful, clear, creative writing -- all with no burn-out.
The curriculum also includes vocabulary study.  I didn't think I'd like this program,
as it seemed too "schooly."  But I was pleasantly surprised.



Science - Research
I'm going to add in more science for Michael, as this doesn't seem to be enough for him. 
They are also getting involved with Science Olympiad.




Science - Lab
(Experiment and Lab sheets)

Michael's Lab Sheet:

George's Lab Sheet:

The Experiment

Looks pretty accurate:

This week we started A Mid-Summer Night's Dream
(I love reading Shakespeare aloud with a British accent.)


For Art Appreciation, we studied The Incredulity of Saint Thomas by Giovanni Battista Cima:

For Poetry we're studying the works of Emily Dickinson all year.
We had deep discussions interpreting this week's poem!


The boys continued their reading of Mystery of the Silver Coins by Lois Walfrid Johnson, in which they're keeping worksheets that list their observations.  The observations include Strong Moods, Great Lines, Life Lessons, Vivid Descriptions, New Vocabulary, and Plot Twists.

Our genre for the first few weeks is Biography.

Since beginning of school year, George has read biographies on John Muir, Henry David Thoreau, Isaac Newton, Nicola Tessla, and is now reading about Malcolm X.  Michael has read biographies also on Muir and Thoreau (but at a deeper level and more challenging books than George's), as well as Archimedes, and Henry Ford. Next genre is Adventure, but that's not for a few more weeks.


 The boys worked through their respective math lessons, mostly still review from what they each learned last year.


George took his first piano lesson from a neighbor who is a music teacher at our local public school.  He LOVED it!!  He's following in his biggest brother, Peter's, footsteps.

They had their first P.E class of the season at a local sports center.  It was awesome!  I love that it's two hours long.

They went to their Pokemon League and enjoyed lots of time with good friends.

Both boys participated in serving our community by volunteering at Crisis Assistance Ministry with us and their older siblings.

And last, but not least -- lots of outdoor play with friends!! We have a great neighborhood with lots of kids to play with.  I'm very grateful for that.  I'm listening to an epic Star Wars battle going on right now, just outside my window.

Great week!  Excited about next one!

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