Monday, November 21, 2011

on balance

I was asked a hypothetical question once, as an ice-breaker in a group --
you know, to get to know each other better. The question was this:

"If you could be any tool, what tool would you be and why?"

One said a hammer, one said a saw, among other answers.
I wish I could remember the reasons they gave but I can't.

I didn't have to think twice and automatically knew which one I would be.
I would be a level.

Because I've always strived to be level-headed and balanced.
Not that I always was, but that's been my goal most of my life.
Maybe I craved it since I came from a chaotic and unbalanced childhood.

I still have a long way to go on achieving balance,
but I try to keep it in mind even when I make little everyday decisions.
It's really challenging for me at times to remain balanced.
But I think I'm pretty level-headed.
(I'm sure some may disagree!)

My friend Heather knows of my quest for balance,
as we've shared our thoughts on it.
She gave me a quote in a frame that encourages me. It says:

To bring into harmony the things that matter most in life.

When I pass by it,
it reminds me not to spend a lot of time on things that don't matter.
That's a huge subject, because what matters to some may not matter to others.

For me, it's remembering to take time to breathe,
time to bond with my loved ones daily in a meaningful, deep way.
It's connecting with others.
It's also taking time for solitude,
time to connect with God.

Of course, we gotta get our stuff done too -- our work.
But even that can be enjoyable
when it's balanced with all the other things in life.
And all the other stuff shouts for our attention.
It's not like we have to be sure to make time for it.
It'll mostly always get done.

I read in a book once that the three essentials we need
to balance and make time for in life are
- work (our occupation)
- service (to our community and those in need)
-play (leisure and free time)

Yes, a level would be a handy tool to be.

What tool would you be?

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Heidi... said...

I don't know what I would choose but I love your description of the level!