Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Michael and George -- Inseparable

I walked into the dining room and found Michael diligently doing his Bible lesson. He decided it would be fun to teach it to George while he was at it! Learning is so much fun when your best friend is by your side...

Girls having fun

The girls had a great time making cards while we made pasta. Then the Imhoff girls blessed everyone with homemade goodies and fancy french pastries for afternoon tea. Mmmmmm...

The boys spent pasta-making day outside

Peter escaping from all the little boys :) Henry took the boys down to the creek for some fun. (I think there were about nine boys in all).

Making Pasta at Imhoffs

It took us ALL DAY to make pasta. It looks like squid, but it really is pasta. And whole wheat too. It had a "bite" to it -- not as mushy as regular store-bought pasta. But not something I'd want to do every day.