Tuesday, November 2, 2010


What does solitude mean to you? Most of us desperately need solitude, especially as this holiday season starts rolling, growing as it gains speed. This morning I realize my need to slow down, to actually STOP, to cease striving -- even if for a few moments in the morning. It's in these moments that our greatest ideas come to us. It's when God speaks to us in His still, small voice.

In the darkness of early morning, as I was still lying in bed, luxuriously thinking, dreaming, praying, visualizing my day -- God brought to my mind these random thoughts:

What color shall I paint my bedroom? Robin's egg blue? Fresh, clean.

We should feed the homeless, especially during the holidays.
Should we schedule times to go work in the local soup kitchen? Maybe I'll make homemade pound cake again. For them.

I want to spend all the time after breakfast until lunch physically sitting with the children reading our history, doing mapwork, going over troublesome schoolwork, teaching more phonics to George. Being there -- undistracted -- fully in the moment(s) with them.

Photo by Peter
Hmmm....those dresses of mine and Pauline's really need hemming. I'll do that this afternoon while she reads aloud from her "Personal Help for Girls" book, and we can discuss it and laugh while I sew. She can have a hot cup of the cappuccino that our houseguests recently gave us! Yeah...

Dinner tonight...hmmmm....spaghetti and meatballs. Yes. The boys can make the meatballs as an after-lunch project. They love getting their hands messy! And Peter can be in charge (one of his favorite things to do is be in charge. He doesn't care what he's in charge of; just so he's in charge). Oh good, I have ground beef in the fridge -- now I can delay grocery shopping for yet another day. Yay!

Oh, we forgot to send Aunt Sharyn a thank you card for George's birthday money! Forgot again. OK. I'll incorporate the writing of it into his schoolwork this morning. Or maybe a picture of him holding it? No, we did that last year.

Back to the homeless...yes, what a good service project...we'll pray about that and for them over breakfast.

Breakfast. I think I smell oatmeal. Pauline must be making oatmeal. I just checked. She is. What a warm, hearty meal for this chilly morning...what a peaceful start to the day. Oh, look! The sun's up already! Looks like it'll be a clear day. Now my head's clear and I'm ready for it.

SOLITUDE...when God speaks to us. SOLITUDE...when that Voice gives me guidance for my day. When we stop. When we notice the little things.

Do you practice solitude? What are some of your favorite ways?

I'm thinking of doing a series on Solitude...

(Photos by Jimi Ann)

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Heidi... said...

Just stopped in from the Tuesdays Unwrapped link and am glad I did. Your day sounds so wonderful!

I, too, am a homeschool mom and was very convicted of all that I have let slip in on our mornings. I used to be faithful in no phone, computer, laundry, dishes, etc from the start of school until lunch. However, I have allowed things to gradually slip in. Thank you for the reminder to treasure these days and to be fully available to them.