Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Books, Boys and New Friends

Tuesday. Another day to be grateful. Today I'm grateful for books, boys, and new friends for me.

Last week we went to the library to check out some books on Thanksgiving and The Mayflower. While we were there, we found this book:

As soon as we got home, the activity started. The 3 boys took the book and started making all kinds of contraptions. (One was the tent I showed you last week). Here's a page from the book:

Here's the product from this page:

It really sails! They sailed it in the bathtub, but that wasn't exciting enough. So they all ran down to the creek and sailed it in there. One boat's not enough, so they made this:

My husband went to take a shower that night, and walked out with it in his hand. He had a very puzzled look on his face and asked what in the world was this contraption in the tub. Well, can't you tell, it's a floating-boat-can-contraption-thingie?

They also found in the book how to make kites:


Peter at the park

Up, up and away!

Poor George

I'm also grateful to get to know new friends from Brenda's Gratitude Challenge.

And I've just discovered Branch of Wisdom's A Month of Thanksgiving, met a few friends there, and look forward to visiting more!

Branch Of Wisdom

You ladies have enriched my days in the past weeks...Thank you. I am truly blessed.


Christine said...

Hi, Jimi Ann! I'm visiting via Tamara's Month of Thanksgiving. It's nice to "meet" you, and I'm glad you found her link before it ended. It has been a wonderful month of giving thanks.

I enjoyed your post today about kites; we have four boys and it brought back fun memories. Thank you!

Blessings to you,

Heidi... said...

... and I appreciate you. Thank you for all the kind comments you have left me on my blog.

Happy Thanksgiving, friend!

The Unsell Family said...

I loved seeing the things your boys created, Jimi Ann. How fun!

I have to tell you too that the name Ann is a family name on my moms side of the family and and has been passed down through the years. All of our girls have Ann in their name somewhere- first or middle name. ;-)

I have enjoyed getting to know you and loved reading your posts for the Gratitude Challenge. Thank you for all of the kind comments you have left on my blog. They mean a lot!

Kaye Swain - SandwichINK for the Sandwich Generation said...

AWESOME looking book! I came to visit for Sweet Shot Tuesday and then enjoyed visiting other posts and am SO glad I did. I'm always looking for creative and educational resources for fun activities for grandparents and grandchildren with my grandkids. This looks GREAT. Thank you so much for writing about it. :) Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

Lisa said...

It looks like your boys had fun, we will have to check and see if it is at our library.

Jill said...

Looks like your boys had a great time making boats. It is so much fun to watch your kids find an idea and take off with it.

Christi said...

Loved the pics. Thanks for sharing both this great resource with us and how much fun your kids had with it. Have a blessed day!

Illinois Lori said...

I enjoyed reading your post today, thanks so much for sharing with us all! I have 2 boys, they are 17 and almost 19 now...your pictures brought many fun memories of our homeschool years to mind!

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

Our Village is a Little Different said...

That looks like so much fun - and what nice weather you're having! What a great book - don't you love finding treasures like that?

I have also loved reading your posts, and your comments that you have left on my blog. I can't believe the month is almost over.

Annette said...

Having boys myself, I enjoy seeing the photos of your boys' projects.

Enjoy every moment of their uniqueness.

Heather @ Marine Corps Nomads said...

So many fun activities. We've had fun with that book as well. It reminds me that I wanted to check it out again. ;)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for participating in A Month of Thanksgiving! I've been very blessed by all your posts and feel like I got to know everyone in a special way. I hope that you will still join me on Tuesdays.

May you and your family have a Thanksgiving filled with many Blessings,