Thursday, March 17, 2011

unconditional love

"Sometimes it's nice to go where everybody knows your name. And they're always glad you came..." Remember that from Cheers?

I used to visit the piano man regularly.

Sometimes I was the waitress, shuffling drinks to other lonely people. But mostly I was a customer, "sharing the drink we call loneliness to forget about life for awhile."

It is nice to be where they're always glad you came. Sometimes those places are hard to come by -- and I've been done with bars for a very long time now.

But we always have FAMILY and FRIENDS, who represent unconditional love. Those who keep loving you even when you mess up, when you go through weird stages, and when you lose your way. Here's a few. (I'm leaving lots out, as I don't have pics of everyone).

Aunt Lindy, Nani, and cousin Caleb

Uncle Butch

Pauline and Grandma

Grandpa and the boys

John and Mary Alice

Cousins Carter, Brennan and Rowan

Mama Darlene, Pauline, and Papa Richard

Marc & Nicole
Cousins Caleb and Esmae

Crosswhite Family

Cousins Keith & Mark, Aunt Sharyn & Uncle Steve

Freddy & Joanna

Mimi and Aunt Kim

I don't want to forget Aunt Tamara (pictured top right at top of blog), as well as Brandon and Brian, Laura and their family. :)


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Brian Miller said...

ha. cute pics..and it is great to visit those places where they know your name and love you in spite of you...

Mama Zen said...

What a sweet and fun post!

Joybird said...

To love and be loved, I believe that they are all right, this is what we were made for. Thanks for sharing those you love with us.

emily wierenga said...

isn't this true? and such love in these faces, dear jimi ann... this is where we can go, to find home... into the hearts of our loved ones. (btw, my husband and i love the show, cheers :))

Corinne Rodrigues said...

What would we be without our family? Yours seems very colorful - full of interesting and lovable characters! :)

Heather C. said...

It is so good for us to remind ourselves of these type of people that bless ou lives so much. I am near tears for being included in your list . Your family is so special to us ! Love you :)