Friday, March 4, 2011

faulty memory

I had a dream lastnight that I wanted to remember but can't. It held some special meaning that I remember wanting to remember when I woke at 3am. I should have jotted it down like I said I was going to do instead of relying on my memory. I even keep a notepad and pen on my nightstand so when I wake with a thought or something I know I need to do, I write it down, in the dark, usually illegible.

My sister Kim says both our brains have organic brain damage (self-inflicted, of course). She's probably right. Remember the dopey guy, Jim, from Taxi, played by Christopher Lloyd in the 70's? Yeah, that's what I'm talking. (If you need a laugh today, click above and watch the video about Jim -- it cracks me up every time.)

I have to write everything down if I'm going to remember to actually do it. And then I have to remember to put it in an obvious place where I'll be sure to see it. Or else I need a visual reminder to carry with me until I do the thing, or else I forget.


If I'm cooking, I carry the spoon with me if I go into another room so I don't forget to come back and stir it. When I'm doing laundry, I have to put little notes here and there so I don't forget about the pants in the dryer (I like to fold them right away to avoid ironing).

Maybe some of it is organic brain damage, as my sister calls it, and maybe part of it is what happens when you're approaching 50 and still have children at home all day. Not a good mix.


Heidi... said...

I'm laughing! I must suffer too! My poor man has the patience of Job b/c his wife forgets so much!!

Have a great weekend friend!

Jimi Ann said...

Kim, you posted this on wrong post -- so I moved it. :) And, you're right! I'll try to remember...

"Huh? What did I just read? Where am I?

Short term memorie loss is also a side effect of Peri Menapaus.
Try to remember that." Kim

Pam said...

Thats okay...I have to tell myself out loud that I turned the stove or the curling iron off so if I question it after leaving the house, its easier to remember!

Corinne Rodrigues said...

We're all in it's a post I wrote on the subject a while back: