Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lost in a Corn Maze?

We went to a corn maze with some friends.

Here comes our limo.

Off we go.

Into the sunset...

Some cute activities if the maze isn't your thing.

Enter at your own risk.

(Unknown people)

Here's a map of the maze.
The owner gave it to us and then said, "It's not a help at all."
How reassuring.

We have friends who went to a corn maze a few years back.
They got lost in there!
They had a white surrender flag they had to use to be rescued.
(And these were two adults and a teenager.)

We got to pick a category for answering questions.
Depending on the answer, it would tell you which way to go at each "post."
We chose Scripture.
This WAS a help.

One can feel mighty small in here.

Found the first post!
Before we went in, the owner also said,

"If you mess with my corn, you will be
put on the porch
to wait until the rest of your party comes out of the maze."

Don't want to be
put on the porch.

It was a special treat for the children -- being out in the dark...

We met a delightful couple who shared our hour-long journey.
They are from China and have been in America for about two years.
They're both studying at one of our local universities.

I was more caught up in our interesting conversation
and kind of lost interest in finding our way out.

So Drew and the boys led the way. We exchanged email addresses.

Xin-xin, "Brian" and Talon

Beautiful Xin-xin

Afterwards, we warmed ourselves by the fires.

And, of course, wherever there are funnel cakes, you'll find me.

The children used up some excess energy.
(A nap on the ride home perhaps?

And back.

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