Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day at the Theatre

For a field trip today, the children and I had a day out at the Children's Theatre to see a live performance of Seussical, a musical inspired by none other than Dr. Seuss...

Pauline, George, Michael and Peter outside theatre.

Me and Pauline

Pauline took this beautiful shot of a sculpture inside the theatre building.

We unexpectedly ran into some friends and neighbors there.
What a delightful surprise!

Sarah and me

Waiting for the theatre to fill up before the show.

No photos were allowed during the performance, but here's the program:

It was an EXCELLENT performance and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Mark Sutton, who played the infamous cat, and happens to be a father of eight, was awesome. See a rehearsal clip below (although it doesn't do it justice at all):

To learn more about the Children's Theatre, click here.

We see The Borrower's next -- can't wait!

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Corinne Rodrigues said...

JimiAnn - So lovely to see pictures of you. The children are delightful. I would love to see this show since I love Dr S's writing so much. It must have been magical.
You have posted in a while and I keep checking up to see when you do. Wrote you a mail a while back too. But I see that all is well and that's all I need to hear (and see!).