Tuesday, February 22, 2011

story of an unfortunate bird - an allegory

Early this morning I was sitting by the window.

Everything was quiet and peaceful. The sun was coming over the horizon. All appeared to be right with the world for the happy little bird -- she was chirping and singing at the top of her lungs.

The way seemed clear and she flew and flew, happy as a lark (but she wasn't a lark), then BAM! She banged head-on right into my window. A big bang.

Disoriented all of a sudden, not realizing what was happening to her world, she tried to fly away from the window. "What happened to my world? Where am I?" But after a while, becoming oriented again, realizing she was a bird and it was "in her" to fly, she eventually flew again.

But not in the same way as before. She couldn't fly straight at first and was dizzy from the blow.

The way wasn't as clear as she had thought. Tomorrow the sun will come up. It'll be a new day, and she'll have a chance to fly happily again.

My window needs cleaning.


Heidi... said...

That same story has happened around here many times! ; )

Joybird said...

Great allegory, kind of where I'm at, realizing I am a bird and it is in me to fly even if dizzy and disoriented.