Monday, February 28, 2011

journey to the other side

When pain is deep and strong, I know God will get me to the other side. Never fails. But I can't escape it or deny it to learn the lessons. We've got to go through it.

Rafting in Ladakh, India
Source: Wikipedia

Although at times the anguish we are feeling makes the distance seem so very far to cross, as I remember reading somewhere.

Today the distance does seem far to cross, but the sun is starting to appear. "Land Ho!" I see the horizon, and I've got a glimpse of the other side. Blue skies. But I've got to go through it to get there.

I spent time at Girl Scout camp every summer as a child -- two to four weeks non-stop, day and night, in the woods. We used to sing the following song and do the actions. It's amazing how children's songs and fairy tales tell so many truths about our lives. This children's song reveals the truth that it takes courage to face pain, truths, and obstacles.

I don't think bear hunts are much fun, but it's nice when you're safe back home.

Click to experience a Bear Hunt.


Heidi... said...

Keep journeying, my friend!

Kim Beam said...

You are so cool.

Jimi Ann said...

Thanks, Kim. (Kim is my big sister, the one with a white shirt and red shorts in the picture at the top of my blog). I love you Kim!!!! (Pinky swear...)

Maddy said...

They say the only way out is through and in my own life, I've experience that to be the case. But I do realize that I am who I am today because of those struggle - for better or worse :)

Jimi Ann said...

Yes, so true, Maddy! I'm grateful for struggles, although sometimes don't realize it until afterward. :)

Brandee Shafer said...

My Wild Orange and I just watched the bear hunt video. She loved it! I was a Girl Scout (in Pennsylvania and Tennessee) for 12 years. I vaguely remember that song, but it wasn't among those we sang most. I am so thankful, even now, for all of my scouting. My 11-year-old son just crossed from Webelos to Boy Scout: happy for him. Blessings to you, today!