Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Sweets with George

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Making sweets is such a Christmas-y thing to do. We started making super-easy Peanut Butter pies.

Here's what we used:

Nothing healthy here!

Basically, you just dump everything together, mix it up, then slosh it into the pie crusts.

My 7-year-old, George, heard me starting and really wanted to help. He's such a big boy now, you know. And, it's such an easy recipe -- sure to be successful.

Okay...going well so far...

HEY! Stop that!

Now I know why he was so eager to help...

Okay, almost done...that was easy. Great!

After this, George got bored and ran off to play. As I finished dumping the mixture into the pie crusts and spreading it out, I noticed big huge chunks of cream cheese that hadn't been stirred up and mixed in. (I softened them in the microwave first so it should've been no problem...right?)

Oh well, I thought, I'll just scoop it back out, stir some more then dump it back in. Easy enough.

Here's what happens when you do that:


After stirring, I still couldn't get the cheese chunks out, so I dirtied up yet another bowl, and put it in here to mix:

So then I couldn't use the dilapidated crust anymore, so I kind of folded the crust in, like this:

The final product was this:

And this:

Peanut Butter Pie Gone-Bad Casserole

What started as a super-easy pie turned into an over-an-hour project and a colossal mess. I gave one to our neighbor, and the big one to a family in our church that just had their ninth baby, along with a meal.

The remaining "pie" we ate and my husband loved it. Yay! It was worth it.

Tomorrow: see how I've decorated a little for Christmas.

(By the way, did you guess Disney World yesterday? My very generous in-laws took us there for a vacation. I'll post some more photos from there soon -- they really do Christmas up big.)


The Unsell Family said...

Those pies/desserts look so yummy! I know they really blessed those with whom you shared them with. I love how you fixed the pie situation. Cute pictures of your son helping too.

Prairiemaid said...

Your pies look awesome, even with the crust folded in. I'm sure they tasted great.

That George is pretty smart. He knows how to get the first taste! Love the pictures.


Heather C. said...

I love this "reality" in your home... Adorable George :)
Making gingerbread today for us..
Blessings ~ Heather

Christi said...

I bake for a living and PB Pie is one of those things that I do a ton of. It definitely is one of those that's either right or very wrong! It looks like you made the most of a bad situation and it probably tasted just as awesome.

Lisa said...

Your peanut butter pies look so good. I am telling myself "I don't need to make one!"