Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Embracing Change

Well, the time has come to begin our new school year. Each year is different. This is the first year that we have all children doing full days of school. George, above with his beloved friend Jon, is now officially in first grade. (Where'd my baby go??) On the other end of the spectrum there's Peter, who's now officially in high school. Another baby mysteriously replaced by a handsome young man. Pauline is now in junior high (or do they call that middle school now? I'm showing my age!). And then sweet Michael William full-speed ahead into third grade with his smart self.

Each year IS different. Gone are the days of finger-painting, baking, and reading stories all day by the fire, although we still love to occasionally indulge in these favorite pastimes. Now come the days of sweating over Algebra, immersing deeply in Literature studies, Biology, Bookkeeping, and meticulously recording hours and grades for credits. And Mommy doesn't seem to have quite the energy she used to have. To quote an old folksinger, "Times, they are a'changin". May we embrace the change.

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